We are a collective of like-minded individuals that want to drive unknown open roads, explore new cities and destinations and share this amongst other Cannonballers. We believe in a notion that all cars and their drivers are created equal, and therefore we exemplify camaraderie to all. We embrace individuality, embody the movement that Erwin started, and now we will carry the torch.



From first time ralliers to veterans with over 15 years of rallying mischief, they all agree, Cannonball Run is unlike any other automotive experience. For further information about what make our event so completely different please feel free to contact us, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have…



Scouting the best roads in America is an all year round process as the Cannonball collective strives to bring you the best driving possible. Back roads and hidden gems are not easily come by, that is why we run about 13,000 miles each year planning our route, leaving nothing for chance. This is how the adventure begins…